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About OnTerra Systems

About OnTerra Systems: Leaders in Route Optimization, Route Planning & Bing Maps Web Mapping Services and Licensing

OnTerra Systems was founded in 2005 by Steve Milroy, a recognized expert in Web mapping technologies. Since then, OnTerra Systems has become a leader in affordable, robust route optimization and route planning software, along with Bing Maps solutions and licensing for small to mid-sized businesses and organizations.

In the early years, the company got its start by developing custom, integrated software solutions for web mapping, using Bing Maps, for a variety of clients. Then, in 2010, OnTerra Systems expanded into route optimization offerings, and introduced RouteSavvy™, its flagship route optimization software. RouteSavvy is available in two forms: 1) RouteSavvy™ Online – a powerful, affordable route optimization solution for businesses & organizations that need to create optimized routes for individuals & fleets, and 2) RouteSavvy™ APIs – application program interfaces that software developers can use to integrate RouteSavvy route optimization into their own in-house route planning systems.

RouteSavvy route optimization features have expanded to include truck and traffic-based optimization and posted speed limits.

OnTerra continues to develop its product line, and take on notable consulting projects and custom Web mapping projects. In early 2011, OnTerra Systems introduced the MapSavvy product line.  The first product – Bing Maps WMS (formerly called the MapSavvy WMS) – provides an inexpensive way to access Bing Maps images needed for practical business or government use based on industry standards from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).  Such uses include research, or government purposes, such as aerial-view site images that need to be included in architecture and engineering drawings, proposals, and reports; utility, transportation, and pipeline planning; Homeland Security; and any endeavor that requires detailed maps or high-resolution imagery.

As market demand for Web mapping services continues to grow, OnTerra Systems continues to observe what’s needed in the market, and bring Web mapping products and software services to market.

About OnTerra Systems’ Product Line

OnTerra Systems offers the following products:

  • RouteSavvy™ Route Optimization – RouteSavvy is an easy-to-use yet powerful route optimization tool that helps fleets reduce fuel consumption & labor costs, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction.  RouteSavvy is “Platform-As-A-Service” (PaaS) web based application to which users subscribe, and then log in to access the application.  They simply access the Web browser, upload in their stops in a multi-destination route, and RouteSavvy automatically generates the most efficient route to minimize distance, time, or both.  RouteSavvy can optimize hundreds of stops in seconds, significantly more stops than many other route optimization products offer at that speed and price combination.  For more information, visit:  http://www.onterrasystems.com/routesavvy-route-planning/ To subscribe to RouteSavvy, visit: http://register.routesavvy.com.
  • RouteSavvy™ APIs – RouteSavvy APIs (Application Development Interfaces) are for developers and organizations that want to integrate RouteSavvy route optimization features into their applications. This includes Independent Software Vendors and Enterprise developers building routing optimization applications for desktop, web, and mobile. RouteSavvy APIs provide route optimization to better organize stops to reduce drive time and distance. OnTerra Systems offers Basic and Premium APIs for route optimization, with the Premium API providing advanced features like truck and traffic routing optimization and posted speed limits.
  • Bing Maps WMS – Bing Maps WMS is an affordable Web Mapping Service (WMS) image capture application based on Bing Maps.  It provides an easy and inexpensive way to license and access Bing Maps images needed for practical business use, research, or government purposes – such as aerial-view site images that need to be included in architecture, engineering, and construction drawings, proposals, and reports; utility, transportation, and pipeline planning; Homeland Security; and any endeavor that requires the electronic capture of Web map images or involves the use of computer-aided design (CAD).  For more information or for a subscription, visit: http://register.onterrasystems.com.

About OnTerra Systems’ History of Notable Web Mapping Projects

OnTerra Systems has developed hundreds of Web mapping applications in this developing technology.  Here is a quick look at some notable projects:

  • Software Piracy Mapping Project for Microsoft:  Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) protects intellectual property and fights software piracy by maintaining a database of information about websites and domains engaged in piracy. To make this data easier to use and act upon, they asked OnTerra Systems to build an application to track and monitor anti-online piracy mitigation efforts, with a visual representation using heat mapping etc. Built using Bing Maps, Windows and SQL Azure, this web mapping initiative provides a powerful visual picture of software piracy, and this visual representation has provided insights that are already positively impacting Microsoft’s anti-software-piracy efforts.
  • National Geographic Global Action Atlas: The Global Action Atlas spotlights hundreds of local, cause-related projects from around the world to a large audience of concerned citizens, giving individuals opportunities to take action by donating, volunteering, advocating, and sharing information.  The Atlas enhances and extends the mission of the National Geographic Society.  OnTerra Systems was asked by the Global Action Atlas and Microsoft to help them develop a Web map highlighting these projects.
  • UHaul Propane Finder Migration: UHaul had been using their web-based Propane Finder for quite some time. When the need to migrate to the new Bing Maps API came along, they took the opportunity to enhance and refine their propane finder with OnTerra Systems’ help. Visit: https://www.uhaul.com/propane/ to try this application.
  • Eddie Bauer Store Locator: Eddie Bauer management was working feverishly to overhaul their website in time for the Christmas shopping season. As part of this website overhaul, they needed to significantly update the Eddie Bauer store locator on the new website. Despite a short deadline, OnTerra Systems stepped in and delivered a new, more powerful store locator just in time for the holiday shopping season.  Check out the Eddie Bauer store locator HERE.

About OnTerra Systems Management & Leadership

About OnTerra Systems’ President | Steve Milroy

Steve Milroy, President & Co-founder – OnTerra Systems:  Steve Milroy has 20 years of experience in information technology development and consulting, and is a recognized expert in Web mapping and fleet optimization technologies. Prior to founding OnTerra Systems, Milroy was a senior vice president for Advaiya, Inc., where he created and managed the Advaiya field team which supported Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization (IO), customer consulting, and technology evangelism and partner training. Milroy also was Director of Emerging Technologies for Immedient, Inc., where he was responsible for the company’s mobile solutions practice. For several years, Milroy also worked as an independent technology consultant with a specialty in Web mapping and mobile software projects.  A recognized expert in Web mapping, fleet optimization, and GIS consulting, Milroy has delivered presentations on Web Mapping, Bing Maps development and related location technologies at more the 100 notable information technology and Web mapping industry events since 2001.  Milroy earned a Bachelor of Applied Science in Biological and Chemical Technologies from the University of Western Sydney, in Sydney, Australia.  Milroy is a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B), and has also worked as a volunteer EMT and part-time ski patroller at Copper Mountain Ski Resort in Colorado.