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RouteSavvy Enhancements Released – Data Wizard, Folder Import, More Icons, Reverse Route

Today we released some great updates to RouteSavvy available immediately, updates include…

  • Data Wizard Improved CSV data import with data preview and match types to help you import good quality address data. The existing Data Upload still works but try the new Data Wizard.
  • Folder Import – Specify a folder column using Data Wizard and RouteSavvy will create folders automatically.

  • More Icons and Colors We now have 14 icon types and 14 colors now providing up to 196 unique combinations.
  • Improved Handling for Locations and Stops at the Same Address - If you have multiple locations and stops at the same address e.g. with a different suite number, you can select them separately and view all details in the directions and downloads.
  • Project/File Save Improvements - With project files and download of directions and stops you can now customize the file names before download.
  • Reverse Route – Easily reverse the stops and directions for any route by selecting the down arrow next to Get Directions.

For more information and a 30 day free trial, visit http://www.onterrasystems.com/routesavvy-route-planning/


Drive Time Areas Beta Released in RouteSavvy

At OnTerra we are constantly looking at ways to improve RouteSavvy, so based on customer interest we have released Drive Time Areas as a new beta feature. A beta feature means we are testing with our customers as a possible permanent feature so would appreciate your feedback. Drive Time Areas (polygons) allow RouteSavvy users to create an area showing the distance a driver can travel in a given amount of time e.g. 5, 10, or 15 minutes. This can be useful in selecting nearby stops to add to a route or creating territories based on drive distances etc.

To try this new feature, right click on any Location and select “Create Drive Time Area (Beta)”

Then enter the Drive Time Minutes and click Create.

The Drive Time Area will be displayed on the map around the Location selected.

If you right click inside the Drive Time Area you can use various options on the Locations inside including Highlighting Locations, Adding Locations as Stops, Moving and Exporting Locations. You can also save the Drive Time Area as a Shape for repeat/future use etc.

For more information on RouteSavvy and to sign up for a free 30 day trial, visit http://www.onterrasystems.com/routesavvy-route-planning/


OnTerra Systems Introduces RouteSavvy 1.5, A New Version of its Powerful Route Planning Software 

RouteSavvy 1.5 includes significantly more functionality at no additional cost, and more MapPoint features.


OnTerra Systems is pleased to announce the immediate availability of RouteSavvy 1.5 – an updated version of RouteSavvy route planning software for field services, pick-up, delivery, collections, and transport companies…and individual professionals who travel to multiple customers or prospects in the course of their work day.

RouteSavvy 1.5 offers more powerful features for the same price, including even more functions found in Microsoft MapPoint software.

New Additions to RouteSavvy 1.5 include:

  • Additional shapes for defining, creating, and querying territories: Polygon shapes are now available in addition to circles & rectangles, plus users now can add, edit, query, and save data captured within defined areas of these shapes. This updated functionality allows for better manipulation of data, as well as visualization of areas and territories.
  • Show Notes Function: When working with a customer location, personal and business notes about the customer are available. These notes can now be shown in directions and data exports.
  • Move Locations Function: This new function allows users to change and correct a location when the address has been inputted incorrectly or if the geocoding of the address is not accurate. Use click-and-drag functionality to more accurately position a customer location on a map, and users can also pull in an aerial image of the actual location, click on it, and update the location. This is a particularly useful function when the mapping technology takes a driver to a complex but does not identify a specific building within a complex.
  • Multiple Box Views: This function will be familiar to MapPoint users. OnTerra Systems has replicated this function from MapPoint into RouteSavvy™ 1.5. This function allows users to pull up multiple customer dialog boxes. This at-a-glance look at multiple customers allows RouteSavvy™ users to easily compare information of multiple customers on the same screen.

One other quick newsflash: An updated RouteSavvy 1.5 User Guide with detailed information and documentation about how to use RouteSavvy 1.5 is available, too! Visit: http://www.onterrasystems.com/storage/routesavvy/RouteSavvyUserGuide.pdf

  • Need to reduce the miles you or your fleet drive?
  • Need to reduce overtime labor costs?
  • Need to reduce fuel costs?
  • Need to be able to visit more customers or prospects in a day?
  • Need to find a replacement for Microsoft’s MapPoint which has been discontinued?

If yes, then you need RouteSavvy! Click HERE for a free, 30-day trial!

…If you are a MapPoint user, do your business a favor and migrate to RouteSavvy 1.5 before MapPoint support ends July 14th, 2015.

For more information on the discontinuation of MapPoint, visit: http://www.microsoft.com/maps/mapPoint-alt.aspx

RouteSavvy Is A Fast, Easy-to-use Route Planner!

RouteSavvy’s concept is simple yet has a profoundly positive effect on your business or organization! RouteSavvy allows users to input multiple locations, organize locations, create efficient and optimized routes for deliveries, service or sales calls, get directions, and allows easy printing or export of information for field use. RouteSavvy optimizes routes in SECONDS.

RouteSavvy Also Is An Affordable, Effective Replacement For Microsoft MapPoint (which was discontinued on Dec. 31, 2014)

With the recent news that Microsoft discontinued its MapPoint and Streets & Trips software as of Dec. 31, 2014, RouteSavvy is a route planner that provides MapPoint and Streets & Trips users with an affordable, high-performing MapPoint alternative. Plus, RouteSavvy’s user interface looks, feels, and operates the way MapPoint did (so there’s little to no time needed to learn to use RouteSavvy).

RouteSavvy Improves The Bottom Line

RouteSavvy is affordable, starting at just $300 per year for up to 3 users. Additional users beyond 3 cost more, and OnTerra offers volume discounts the more users you have! This affordable technology has the potential to transform your business and improve your profitability.

Simply put, RouteSavvy:

  • Reduces the time spent planning routes and the time spent driving them
  • Reduces the miles driven every day, every week, every month
  • Reduces fuel costs
  • Reduces over-time for fleet drivers
  • Improves customer satisfaction

And that’s just the start! The day you start using RouteSavvy is the day you start saving time, fuel, and money. ROI is immediate with this technology.

For more information about RouteSavvy route planning software, please visit: www.RouteSavvy.com


New RouteSavvy for MapPoint Customers Sales Sheet

RouteSavvy is a preferred alternative solution for MapPoint and Streets & Trips users after Microsoft announced these products would be discontinued as of Decemeber 2014. Microsoft's Bing Maps group recently created a sale sheet for RouteSavvy. You can download the sales sheet here.


New Version of RouteSavvy™ Route Planning Software

Today we introduced a new version of RouteSavvy™, web-based route planning software for small and mid-sized business fleets and business professionals who drive to multiple destinations for their work, and those seeking an alternative to Microsoft’s MapPoint and Streets & Trips, which were discontinued on Dec. 31, 2014.  RouteSavvy is based on advanced optimization algorithms from OnTerra and Bing Maps’ Web mapping technology. RouteSavvy can organize and optimize routes with hundreds of stops; and can optimize a route in seconds.

RouteSavvy is available now, and has been designed by web mapping & route optimization experts with a friendly interface that’s similar to MapPoint and Streets & Trips, thus minimizing the time needed to learn to use RouteSavvy by former MapPoint and Streets & Trips users.

Click here for more information and a 30-day free trial