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What is "GeoSavvy™ Accelerator?"

GeoSavvy™ by OnTerra Systems is a new geospatial Web mapping technology platform that offers powerful business intelligence mapping software tools to simplify and speed development of map-based visualizations of business data. By providing a software platform to quickly and easily develop interactive Web-based maps that visually depict business data, GeoSavvy helps businesses and organizations actually see relationships and patterns that would not be evident when data is separate and in text form. This helps companies and organizations gain valuable business intelligence insights that can lead to more strategic decision making, increased productivity, and improved profitability.

GeoSavvy offers powerful features and functions at competitive pricing that allows even mid-sized businesses in virtually every industry to be able to visualize their business data in Web maps. Examples of ideal applications for GeoSavvy include: retail business planning; oil-and-gas exploration; supply chain & distribution planning; sales & territory planning; government research, analysis & policy development; disaster risk assessment for the insurance industry; and more.

GeoSavvy also provides a user-friendly interface including color-coding, customizable pushpins, “heat mapping” to show density, zoom functions, click-and-drag functionality, ability to tie into OnTerra Systems’ RouteSavvy™ route optimization software, and more.

Oil & Gas

Unlike a other commodities producers, oil and gas companies have assets spread across thousands of miles - and need a way to keep track of them and their associated data. Sophisticated GIS databases help them do this, and GeoSavvy makes it easy to present that data either to employees or customers that are not "GIS-trained".

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing professionals in this economy are looking for every edge they can get to identify and win new customers while building business with existing ones. One way to do this is to identify relationships between "suspects", prospects, and customers - and one of those relationships is geographic. Using GeoSavvy for CRM enables a client to quickly map out such data from a CRM system, develop a market target or sales call plan, and even generate an optimized list of stops to reduce travel costs and increase productivity!

Local Government

A city or a county is defined by its geography, and often the easiest way to interact with its constituents is geographically. GeoSavvy provides an easy-to-use interface enabling public employees to present information about the government to their constituents, and even to enable a 311 system to accept input or location-based requests from them as well. GeoSavvy can depict a wide variety of data and show it within county and state borders for better planning and development of local, state, and federal policy planning. It easily integrates with ESRI data, a very common GIS deployment within governments.

Retail Planning

GeoSavvy can layer demographic information onto maps, coupled with locations of existing retail locations to identify gaps in coverage of store locations, compare store performance relative to customer demographics, and much more.

Supply Chain & Distribution Planning

GeoSavvy can show concentrations of customers for more efficient delivery of products to wholesalers, distributors, etc. GeoSavvy also can be used to depict potential weather impact on the supply chain, enabling better risk and contingency planning.

Disaster Risk Assessment

GeoSavvy can accelerate the development of risk assessments for insurance companies by mapping potential paths of destructive storms through populated areas…and much more.


Operating in 105 countries, with over 40,000 deployments, ScentAir is the largest and most experienced scent provider in the industry. To keep this growth going, they wanted to continue to enhance the amount and type of data they put in the hands of their salesforce - literally, as they were rolling out iPads as a front-end to their CRM system. After some web-searching led them to OnTerra, we used the Accelerator to deliver a pilot in two weeks so that they could use it in their national sales meeting while training the sales people on their new tools. A case study may be found HERE.

View a 3 minute GeoSavvy™ demo HERE

Try out GeoSavvy™ yourself HERE

Use the following steps to get started:

  • Click on THIS LINK (will open in a new window)
  • Note the Control Panel on the left superimposed on the Bing Map
  • Select "Countries\Thematic" and notice how the countries are colored in
  • Uncheck both boxes, then repeat for "STATES\Thematic"
  • Uncheck both boxes, then repeat for "US COUNTIES\Thematic"
  • Select "Earthquakes\Show Heatmap" and observe the result. Note concentration between Memphis and St. Louis. Uncheck "Show Heatmap"
  • Expand the "> Query Types" menu below "Data Sources". Select "Line"
  • Draw a line between Memphis and St. Louis. Double-click to end the line; note the result. Zoom to zoom level 8. Click on any of the dots to learn more information about a particular earthquake
  • Uncheck "Earthquakes", check "RouteSavvy Truck POI" (Points of Interest). Again, click on any of the dots to learn more
  • Click on "Clear" in "Query Types" box. Click on "Polygon". Draw a shape of any size/number of sides; when ready to close out, click twice
  • Click on "Clear" again. Select "Proximity", note result. Adjust radius slider underneath to modify proximity circle
  • Click on "Clear" again, Uncheck "Truck POI" and "Mile Markers". Zoom out and navigate to California. Select "Line" and draw a line from North to South California. Adjust radius slider larger. Check "Faults" in the "Data Sources"; wait for result

    View a 2 minute GeoSavvy™ for CRM demo HERE

    To try GeoSavvy™ deployed for CRM data, go HERE

    Use the following steps:

  • Click on THIS LINK (will open in a new window)
  • Navigate to an area where sample data exists, such as South or SouthEast
  • Show (checkbox) heatmaps and/or clusters at regional levels
  • Filter on customer industries
  • Click on any customer and select “add to route”; watch the list build in the control panel
  • Under Route Optimization section, choose options including “Show customers along route”, then click "Show Route"
  • Add a stop along the route from one of the customers along the route, and click "Show Route" again
  • Print Route
  • Map YOUR World

    GeoSavvy is:

    • EASY-TO-USE - Allows a developer to speed delivery of custom geo-spatial applications or web mapping sites
    • DEPENDABLE - Built by people who understand the intersection between web mapping/geo-spatial and software
    • GeoSavvy® enables visualization of enterprise information in a variety of ways:

    • Heat Maps
    • Thematic maps
    • Shapes, lines, and points ("vector" data)
    • Raster/tile support
    • How is GeoSavvy® different?

    • No custom plug-ins required, therefore works on all modern browsers; “future-proofed”
    • Mobile-ready
    • Competitively priced
    • Support for standards such as HTML5, GeoJSON and AJAX
    • GeoSavvy® Includes:

    • Tiling engine
    • Vector rendering
    • Map component
    • Data connector