What Customers Are Saying

Your FLEET fits your needs...shouldn't your fleet tracking SYSTEM?

FleetSavvy™ is a fleet tracking system that can be customized and installed at a customer site. Rather than featuring a huge, complex system design that takes eons to deploy, FleetSavvy is comprised of the “best and brightest” features hand-picked for their ability to have a significant positive impact on a fleet’s bottom line. FleetSavvy installs directly at a company site (vs. a SaaS model), and it’s highly configurable for the unique needs of fleets.

Works at YOUR Business

FleetSavvy™ was born out of the idea that you know what information you need to run your business, that you shouldn’t have to pay someone else to see or re-use your own fleet data, and that your business is unique. We used off-the-shelf Microsoft technologies to build a best-of-breed tracking and GPS/AVL solution to YOUR needs, not the needs of a hosted or outdated application built years ago with proprietary technologies.

FleetSavvy™ 2013

OnTerra is pleased to announce availability of its newest on-premise GPS/AVL platform for asset tracking known as FleetSavvy™. With the FleetSavvy™ accelerator, OnTerra can quickly tailor a GPS/AVL system to your specific needs using base functionality that includes:

  • Vehicle Location, Direction, Speed, etc.
  • Organizational hierarchy / Fleet Breakdown
  • Vehicle location history (bread crumbs)
  • Land marking of customers, suppliers, company facilities, authorized fuel stops, etc.
  • Geofencing
  • Alerts
  • Birds-eye View from Microsoft
  • End user data administration tool
  • Can re-use existing GIS data as a layer

Service Fleets

Ideal for product dealers who service that product with a large fleet of service trucks. Also useful for rental units that need to be tracked

Trucking Firms

If standard web-based offerings don't hit the mark, you may be looking for something that you can customize to your own liking while still offering the same world-class tracking capability and information.

Application Service Providers

If you need to re-engineer your ASP solution but don't have the resources, you may be interested in building upon our base solution and adding your own "secret sauce" value.

Large Texas Forklift Dealership

The combination of OnTerra's FleetSavvy and Sierra Wireless AirLink modems provided Malin the ability to centralize their once-distributed routing operations. Read their story here.

Commercial Real Estate Information Provider

CoStar's Field Research Managers find the enhanced aerial imagery and overlay of their own building data a great tool for helping to direct their Field Researchers. Read their story here.

West Coast Trucking Firm

Today West Coast Sand & Gravel is cutting field costs by reducing truck idling time and optimizing routes....the company is providing better customer service, and managers now own a wealth of location data to visualize business conditions, analyze company operations, and make better decision. Read their story here.

Demo Coming Soon!

White Papers

"Choosing and Implementing a Successful GPS/AVL System V1.4" - Patrick Campbell, updated December 2010

Marketing Stuff

FleetSavvy Brochure

News articles

CA Transit Magazine Spotlight - August, 2008 - An article about work OnTerra has done in the Transit space