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OnTerra Products

Our geospatial experience enables OnTerra to develop and manufacture new technologies for Route Planning, Truck Routing, CRM Mapping and OGC-compliant Web Mapping Services.



Route Optimization

Route Optimization Services - Real-Time route optimization using Bing Maps for improved field delivery operations, transportation and vehicle route planning. Every minute and every mile counts and OnTerra’s RouteSavvy™ makes the difficult task of planning vehicle routes easy. Discover more about route planning and how easy planning your next route can be with RouteSavvy™. 


Bing Maps WMS 

"Consume" Bing Maps using any client with OnTerra’s OGC compliant geospatial mapping service – MAPSAVVY Bing Maps WMS Discover more about web mapping and how Mapsavvy can put standards based web mapping to work for your needs.


Commercial Map Data/Truck Routing

Trucking Data - Web maps are great, but more importantly they can be productivity tools for companies as well!  RoadSavvy map data does this by enhancing maps with additional information that businesses can use to route commerical vehicles  - such truck routes, truck points of interest (POI), or even road segment speed limits.  SEE HOW