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OnTerra's MapSavvy Bing Maps WMS provides satellite datasets to the new Bishop Planetarium at the South Florida Museum.

OnTerra's MapSavvy Bing Maps WMS provides satellite datasets to the new Bishop Planetarium at the South Florida Museum. The new Bishop Planetarium at the South Florida Museum is now a state-of-the-art astronomy education center, with stunning multimedia capabilities, that are among the most advanced planetarium technologies in the world. The new Digistar 5 Dual-Projection System was installed earlier this month and began its use in shows last week.

The system improves the viewer experience of the Museum’s expanding full-dome show library with projectors that are more than three times as bright and twelve times crisper (higher contrast) than the previous projectors, allowing for exploration of Earth through the use of 200 continually updated satellite datasets of our planet’s land, ocean, atmosphere and climate and live Bing and OnTerra MapSavvy Views of the entire planet.

More information is avalible here. http://www.thebradentontimes.com/news/2013/10/23/community/south_florida_museum_debuts_planetarium_upgrades/


OnTerra Systems Introduces CRMSavvy™ - A web mapping add-on solution to Dynamics CRM

OnTerra Systems (www.OnTerraSystems.com), a technology leader in Web mapping, fleet optimization, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integration solutions and services, today introduces CRMSavvy™ – an add-on to Microsoft CRM that allows companies and sales organization to integrate Web mapping and route optimization into their sales planning. CRMSavvy™ enables sales professionals to map out their prospect and customer call plan, and optimize the route.

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Geospatial Solutions for Fleet Tracking & Logistics - Nov 2

With ever increasing fuel prices and regulation for commercial fleets, reducing cost and improving compliance is important for most businesses. This webcast will provide an overview of Microsoft Location and Geospatial technology for fleet tracking and logistics solutions. We will look at Bing Maps and SQL Server spatial capabilities providing tracking, mapping, imagery, geo-coding, geo-fencing, alerting and reporting. We will also look at OnTerra’s Bing Maps add-ons for fleet and logistics including web services for commercial/truck routing, speed limits, transportation Points of Interest (POI) and route optimization. We will review demonstrations of all of these solution capabilities, licensing options,  and answer questions.

WHAT:   Microsoft Location / Geospatial Solutions for Fleet Tracking and Logistics (EPG346CAL)

WHEN: Nov 2 2012 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM (PDT)



Store & Products Locators Webinar Tuesday, Sept 25

If you're trying to take your locator strategy to the mobile web, or just trying to take it to the next level, then join us at our "Locators" webinar on Tuesday, Sept 25.  We'll cover approaches, technologies, best practices, and a case study or two.  We'll also demonstrate our industry leading locator platform serving both web and mobile platforms.  To register simply navigate to Locators Webinar and register!


OnTerra Introduces "TheHelpMap" to help everyone help each other in times of need

New Web map mobile app from OnTerra Systems helps people in disaster zones connect with each other to offer help or receive help via a user-friendly, smartphone Web map. http://www.thehelpmap.com.

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