What Customers Are Saying

General Consulting

Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs (LCA) protects intellectual property and fights software piracy by maintaining a database of information about websites and domains engaged in it. To make this data easier to use and act upon, they asked OnTerra to build an application to track and monitor anti online piracy efforts visually, with heat mapping and time sliders as tools. Built using Bing Maps, Windows and SQL Azure, it provides a stunning picture of activity that has already had a positive impact on results.


OnTerra built a hurricane tracker working closely with the Wall Street Journal Online team. It receives data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) which is processed and refreshed every few hours, including the hurricane path, predicted path and the “cone of uncertainty” polygons. It works equally well across modern web browsers and mobile devices.


Dolphin Dynamics in the UK develops systems for travel companies, including on-line booking engines. As an enhancement to their booking engine they asked OnTerra to add a BING Maps based control that would outline/shade the countries that their clients offer hotels in, allowing the user to click on a particular country to be taken to a new page with information on that country.


One of the largest trucking companies in the U.S., SAIA wanted to develop a route optimization engine that took into account Commercial Vehicle Routing, Hazardous Materials Routing, and even the offloading order of shipments! To accomplish this, they turned to OnTerra Systems for the expertise to help develop this industry-leading system.


During a major overhaul to their website in time for Christmas 2011, Eddie Bauer needed to update their store locator. In spite of the time crunch, OnTerra stepped up to the plate and delivered! You can check it out HERE.


HealthGrades, the leader in helping consumers make informed choices about America’s healthcare providers, saw mobile web traffic increase dramatically and chose to build a cross-platform mobile physician search site with OnTerra.


National Biodiesel Board, working on a major Web site re-design, needed a Web-based locator for member companies and distributors. The Web maps on NBB’s Web sites were the most visited pages, so it was a crucial function that needed to be done right. NBB chose to work with OnTerra Systems and use LocatorSavvy™ with customization services by OnTerra experts. CASE STUDY


UHaul had been using their propane finder for a quite a while, and when the need to migrate to the new AJAX7 API came along they took the opportunity to enhance and refine their finder with OnTerra's help.




ConocoPhillips needed to migrate their store locator to the new Bing Spatial Data Services while upgrading the locator look and feel, and turned to OnTerra for help.



Calnea Analytics, leading providers of property market analysis and data in the UK, needed a web map user interface that displayed user-selected parcels along with surrounding parcels and their property detail over Bing Maps. This data was drawn from a PostGRES database via PostGIS extensions. You can view the results HERE.


USXpress, with thousands of tractors and trailers transporting freight around the US, needed a web mapping application to better understand field operations and performance. OnTerra implemented 2 web mapping applications using Bing Maps, including integration with USXpress systems, processing of zip code polygons, and truck routing with ALK Systems web services.


The Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) has hired OnTerra over multiple projects to review their existing mapping applications and Microsoft .NET architecture(s), review utilization of DRCOG's centralized ASP.NET membership database environment (SQL Server 2008), and review DRCOG's custom, federated authentication and profile service where all users are managed in one place.

Web Mapping Consulting


ScentAir was looking for a way to help salespeople using iPads to quickly see where customers, past customers, and prospects were located within their sales territory for call planning - and do it in time for training in two weeks. Only OnTerra was able to step up to the call. CASE STUDY


CoCoRaHS (Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network) is a unique, non-profit, community-based network of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds working together to measure and map precipitation (rain, hail and snow). CoCoRaHS was seeking to update and enhance their mapping functionality and modify the underlying database to better support both geospatial and international data; OnTerra delivered a solution built on GeoSavvy to achieve the functional requirements identified by CoCoRaHS.

Fleet Tracking


CoStar is the leading provider of information services to commercial real estate professionals in the United States and the United Kingdom, offering access to a proprietary database of more than 2.9M properties and 60B square feet of inventory.  When they needed to modernize and enhance their fleet tracking system, they turned to OnTerra.  CASE STUDY



Malin is one of the largest Raymond electric forklift dealerships, serving Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi and parts of northern Mexico - providing new and used forklift sales and rentals, forklift parts, and repair service. CASE STUDY

West Coast Sand and Gravel is based in Los Angeles, California and serves most of that state with a fleet of 350 trucks. It has 570 employees, including 20 dispatchers. CASE STUDY

Store & Product locators


Though just a startup, ZIG Eyewear USA had just won the distributorship of ZIG Eyewear in the U.S. and were in the process of building their Web site and executing the marketing campaign. The design of LocatorSavvy allowed relatively inexperienced users to quickly and easily upload data for quick display on the Web-based locator. "We feel this also will make it a great selling tool for our rapidly-growing marketing team" said Heather Braem, Operations Manager. CASE STUDY


Beanitos had a basic store locator but it wasn’t as robust or user friendly as they wanted, according to Doug Foreman, Beanitos Founder. Beanitos and its Web development team needed a Web map-based product locator for mobile users, and they turned to OnTerra Systems for a powerful, easy-to-use, and fast-track product locator for mobile devices. CASE STUDY


American West has been handcrafting beautiful leather goods for 25 years, and with growth came an increasing variety of outlets to guide customers to. Their search led them straight to LocatorSavvy™ by OnTerra



National Biodiesel Board, working on a major Web site re-design, needed a Web-based locator for member companies and distributors. The Web maps on NBB’s Web sites were the most visited pages, so it was a crucial function that needed to be done right. NBB chose to work with OnTerra Systems and use LocatorSavvy™ with customization services by OnTerra experts. CASE STUDY

RouteSavvy™ - Route Planning & Optimization


Global Aircraft Dispatch experienced productivity improvements of 200-300 percent and reduced fuel costs and overtime after implementing RouteSavvy web service. See how they did it in FLEET OWNER MAGAZINE


Running 8 trucks and collecting 18-20,000 gallons of cooking grease weekly, Southern Green needed to optimize services stop order to maximize productivity. RouteSavvy worked for SGI. CASE STUDY


Royal Crest Dairy wanted an application for geographic visualization of product distribution, delivery routes, and editing of route IDs and stop orders for driver routes. After testing OnTerra’s RouteSavvy Online, Royal Crest asked for a customized version and OnTerra delivered!


PioneerRx has been building software for the pharmacy industry for years, and offers a mobile delivery module for home delivery of medicine. When they sought a route optimization algorithm to optimize drivers' time, they turned to OnTerra's RouteSavvy.