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Looking for a replacement or alternative for MapPoint and Streets & Trips?  RouteSavvy from OnTerra Systems is your best choice!

Check out the Microsoft Bing and RouteSavvy Overview.

It’s no secret that Microsoft discontinued MapPoint and Streets & Trips products as of December 31, 2014, which has left many users looking for a replacement or alternative to MapPoint and Streets & Trips.  Enter RouteSavvy route planning software from OnTerra Systems: a powerful, affordable & effective replacement to MapPoint.

RouteSavvy route planning software is:

  • Affordable
  • Web-based
  • Easy to use, and
  • Offers the main features and functions that MapPoint users know, love, and use frequently.

How does RouteSavvy work?

Simply put, RouteSavvy allows users to input multiple locations by typing or importing data.  Then RouteSavvy generates an optimized route of all the stops. PLUS, it provides directions that can be printed or exported onto a mobile device so drivers can get where they’re going with a minimum of fuss and a MAXIMUM of efficiency, time savings, and fuel savings.

Available NOW, RouteSavvy from OnTerra Systems makes it easy to transition from MapPoint and Streets & Trips.  Why?  RouteSavvy vehicle routing & optimization software has an interface that’s similar to MapPoint.  (So there’ll be no cursing, frustration, or wasted hours trying to learn a new system interface.)  What’s more, RouteSavvy’s developers from OnTerra Systems have earned the designation of a Microsoft-preferred partner for MapPoint and Streets & Trips customers, and they are recognized experts in web mapping and route optimization technologies.

Did you know:  RouteSavvy is super affordable, and priced similarly to MapPoint?  Just $300 a YEAR, for up to 3 users, as a starting point.  Many other MapPoint alternatives are charging twice what RouteSavvy costs…or more.

RouteSavvy Mirrors The Most Popular & Most-used Functions In MapPoint

RouteSavvy delivery routing software features the most-used, most popular route planning functions found in MapPoint including:

  • Easy import of spreadsheets
  • Auto-save functions & project-based files that let you work like you’re using a desktop application even though it’s a web-based system
  • Ability to easily plan routes and perform manual over-ride of routes if your business rules demand that you do something in a different order.  (This is a key MapPoint function:  RouteSavvy replicates this in its ability to manually move items up and down in route order, optimize the route, and then get directions.)
  • Ad hoc coloring and organization of location data (RouteSavvy offers the use of symbols, color coding & highlighting which allows users to visualize data and business intelligence, and see patterns not typically understood with written information.)

Don't forget: Microsoft's MapPoint and Streets & Trips were discontinued on Dec. 31, 2014, and hence there is no way to update mapping data moving forward. That means your maps & routing won’t be up to date.

RouteSavvy Routing Software: Up Close and Personal

  • No waiting! RouteSavvy provides an immediate return on investment
  • An interface that looks, feels & operates like MapPoint and Streets & Trips
  • Simple, 3-step route planning process
  • Affordable
  • Web-based & subscription-based technology platform
  • Handles multiple stops – Optimizes routes with multiple stops along the way
  • Optimizes 2 TYPES of routes – 1) round trip, or 2)  one-way, start-to-finish routes
  • Continually updated mapping data

RouteSavvy Benefits

RouteSavvy routing software is remarkably affordable and is a powerhouse in transforming your business to a lean, mean, efficient machine.  The benefits to this affordable, easy-to-use technology make it a complete no-brainer to implement.  Here are the top 3 benefits you’ll achieve from deploying RouteSavvy:

1)  Immediate operational cost savings (reduced fuel costs, reduced labor & overtime costs bring increased profitability)

2)  Improved customer relations (showing up on time makes for happy customers)

3)  Meet environmental goals or mandates (less miles driven means less greenhouse emissions, which you can promote to eco-conscious customers & prospects)

Let RouteSavvy become your MapPoint alternative, and BEFORE you have a crisis when the MapPoint maps are no longer up to date.

Sign up for RouteSavvy; it will be the best move you make to help your business grow, thrive, and improve its productivity, profitability, and environmental stewardship!