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Store and Building Locators

LocatorSavvy™ is a set of templates that enables you to add a customized Bing Maps-based store or asset locator to your website - allowing web and mobile browser users to quickly locate you. Scenarios include a store locator on a retailer website, a list of feature properties on a real estate agent site, or a building locator for a company directory - to name just a few.

Your customers are looking for you - and your product

With multiple locations, sometimes a company will have different product or skillsets at different store or office locations. To enhance the experience of the customer, companies often provide ways of "filtering" the locations in a "locator" to help the prospect or client focus only on those locations that can serve their particular need. With the right level of integration, a business can even guide a potential customer to the location that has the product or service available that they're looking for!

Why LocatorSavvy™?

We believe there are several good reasons to consider using LocatorSavvy™:

  • CUSTOMIZABLE - Our locators are 100% customizable. After you have created your locator, you can use it as is or customize it in any way you want. Unlike other providers, we do not restrict you from customizing your locator. It is YOUR locator, so make the most out of it!!
  • FLEXIBLE - We currently offer 4 different templates to choose from, with more to come. Simply select the one that fits your need. You can use it within an iframe, create a standalone instance, or integrate it as a part of your existing site.
  • QUICK SEARCH RESULTS - our store locator software is designed to deliver the quickest search results of your retail locations.
  • EASE OF USE – our software is easy to understand and use, with straight-forward features most commonly used in a locator.


National Eyewear Distributor - Zig Eyewear

A national eyewear distributor beginning operations in the U.S. chose LocatorSavvy to build a marketing strategy around driving consumers to their clients - the optometrists. Case study HERE.

Consumer Foods Company - Beanitos, Inc.

Beanitos and its Web development team needed a Web map-based product locator for mobile users, and they turned to OnTerra Systems for a powerful, easy-to-use, and fast-track product locator for mobile devices. By using OnTerra Systems’ LocatorSavvy™ – a Web mapping tool that speeds the process of developing store or product locators – OnTerra Systems brought a user-friendly and powerful new Web map locator for Beanitos’ mobile Web site live in less than a week. Full case study can be found HERE

Industry Trade Association

OnTerra worked with a biodiesel industry association, National Biodiesel Board, to develop a new member plant locator. With a major website redesign planned, and a major element of that being the locator for member companies and distributors, the last thing Scott Tremain, IT Director wanted to do was to worry about building a new locator map. “The maps on our website were the top-visited pages before the change, and are even more so now. This is an area we simply had to get right” said Scott. See the final result HERE, and a case study HERE.

National Rental Company

A well-known rental company was looking for help with an upgrade to their website locator - particularly to help traveling campers plan their propane purchases during their travels. The resulting locator can be found HERE

Commercial Real Estate Firm

When Roberts Management Group in Minneapolis needed a locator to present their properties on the web, they turned to their web designer - who then turned to OnTerra for our mapping expertise. As a team we quickly developed their new locator and deployed it HERE

Multi-National Oil Company

OnTerra worked with a multi-national oil company to develop a new retail store locator/trip planner using Bing Maps. See the final result HERE

National Clothing Brand

OnTerra worked with a national clothing brand chain to update their retail store locator just in time for Christmas 2011. See the end result HERE


  • Bing Maps AJAX v7 with maps, aerial, and bird’s eye imagery
  • Filter map on location (city/state, zip, or full address)
  • Custom icons (OnTerra sample icons or customer provided)
  • Customer iFrame integration to Web site
  • Support for mobile browsers
  • Locations stored in Bing Maps Spatial Data Services (SDS) or SQL Azure with FindNearby and/or ViewPort query
  • Routing / Directions -- Drive From – To (From pop-up with route line and directions display)
  • Automatic positioning of initial view to end user location (via Reverse IP)
  • Other Options Available:

  • "FindNearRoute" queries
  • "FindByPolygon" queries
  • Customization/data loading on a T&M basis, including user interface, data elements, search filters and automated data loading processes
  • Route Optimization
  • Drive Time Queries

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