In May 2018, Google announced massive, new pricing increases for its Maps API products, which has prompted a lot of folks to start looking for a Google Maps alternative.

Google is merging its Standard and Premium plans for access to Google Maps APIs into one, pay-as-you-go plan. Google hasn’t provided a before-after comparison, but developer blogs are reporting price increases of 1,400%. One developer announced on Reddit that the cost increases would take his bill from $10,000 to $200,000. He then announced he would find a Google Maps alternative, and spend a fraction of the money to migrate to another option.

Also, effective June 11, 2018, developers planning to incorporate Google Maps offerings into software solutions they are developing will be required to have valid API keys. Developers that don’t have keys to the Google Maps APIs will only be able to access low-resolution maps that are watermarked “For Development Purposes Only.”

In addition to the price increases, developers will not be able to use Google Maps APIs unless they set up an account and give their credit card information to Google.

Any business or organization using embedded Google Maps for such functions as store locators will be hit hard, with enormous price increases.

OnTerra Systems is a long-time Microsoft Partner that offers access to Bing Maps Licensing starting at just $500 a year.

Bing Maps = Google Maps Alternative

For developers looking for a viable, affordable Google Maps Alternative, look to Bing Maps. Bing Maps has been making significant investments in its Maps offerings and Web Mapping APIs, including:

New worldwide map updates introduced in 2018

Powerful new APIs for fleet management


OnTerra Systems offers affordable access to Bing Maps Licensing. As a long-time Microsoft Partner, OnTerra purchases access to Bing Maps access, and then parses it into smaller increments.

OnTerra Systems offers access to Bing Maps licensing, starting at just $500 a year.

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If Google’s massive price hikes for access to Google Maps APIs has you looking for a Google Maps alternative, you’ve landed in the right place.