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Plan Routes in Seconds with Hundreds of Stops

Welcome to RouteSavvy™! A simple but web service that takes from just a few up to hundreds of locations that you may need to visit, and reorders them based on whether you'd like to visit them in a "round-trip" OR as a one-way trip - with the last stop chosen either by you or by our software (whichever YOU prefer).

Save Time, Labor, $$$

With today's fuel and labor costs, every minute and every mile counts when you have product to deliver or locations requiring expert service. Make sure that your team and your fleet are always traveling the minimum distance every day, and even re-optimize during the day if new orders or work orders come in!

Don't Use Just Any Optimizer...

  • While route optimization may seem simple, it quickly increases in complexity the greater the number of stops - and the larger the variety of options. This makes it difficult to do manually, and in the time you need.
  • RouteSavvy's™ architecture allows it to optimize many times the number of stops of other optimizers. Our approach also minimizes or eliminates the number of inaccurately plotted stops that can occur with other optimizers.

Following are just a few examples of how this powerful optimization tool can be used.

Delivery Vehicles

You have one or more trucks in your fleet and you're trying to deliver to as many customers in as short a period of time as you can. You have your territory mapped out, but you'd like to optimize the delivery route in each of those territories - and re-optimize if necessary should a new drop - or even a pickup - be called in. If this sounds like you, then RouteSavvy™ is FOR you!

Service Fleets

Each service visit represents both revenue AND a satisfied customer, so you want to maximize the number of calls you can close in one day. If you can squeeze even 1/2 call per day more per technician, you know that the majority of the revenue will flow to the bottom line. You'd also like to be able to re-optimize should a call come in that day. If this sounds like you, then RouteSavvy™ is FOR you!

Home Health Care

You're one of the fastest-growing industries in America today - health care delivered in the home. Where the doctor used to do the home visits, now it's the specialists - of which you're one - and your team needs to maximize the patients they see. If this sounds like you, then RouteSavvy™ is FOR you!

GPS/AVL Service Providers

You've built your fleet tracking service provider business from scratch to tracking hundreds of vehicles each day, and you're looking for more value-add services. Your expertise is in GPS/AVL software and hardware, so building an optimization algorithm just isn't one of the core competencies of your technical team. If you could just find a reasonably priced Web service to offer as a value-add, you'd be all set. If this sounds like you, then RouteSavvy™ is FOR you!

Southern Green specializes in the utilization of by-product fats, oils and greases (F.O.G.) for conversion into alternatives including Biodiesel. To achieve this, they provide used cooking oil recycling services and grease-trap pumping to a growing client base including restaurants, commercial kitchens, and food manufacturing facilities. They pride themselves on “Walking the walk” - they operate all of their vehicles on biodiesel made from recycled oils, including their semi-trucks, vacuum collection trucks, service trucks, and even their sales representatives' passenger cars. And, of course, they use OnTerra’s RouteSavvy™ Webservice/API to minimize their distance traveled!   CASE STUDY

If you've flown into JFK and LaGuardia but your luggage didn't arrive with you, chances are it was delivered later by a Global Dispatch team member. With all the lost luggage they have to deliver, maximizing the number of stops they could make in a day was important - so their software engineer found RouteSavvy™ Webservice/API last year and decided to implement it. Results have been nothing short of amazing - they have more than tripled their volume, without adding to capacity...this while saving fuel and shortening the work day of their drivers!     CASE STUDY

RouteSavvy™ In Action

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