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Standards-based Web Mapping Service

MapSavvy is a web mapping service that provides access to Bing Maps base data such as ortho imagery, road data, and hybrid layers (road + ortho) in Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) - Web Mapping Service (WMS) format. This WMS implementation provides an inexpensive way to access Bing maps images needed for practical business use, research, or government purposes – such as aerial-view site images that need to be included in architecture and engineering drawings, proposals, and reports; utility, transportation, and pipeline planning; Homeland Security; and any endeavor that requires detailed maps or high-resolution imagery.

Open Geospatial Consortium

The OGC WMS standard is a widely used method of sharing geospatial data over the internet. This standard is incorporated into many custom client applications as well popular CAD and GIS software (e.g. Autodesk AutoCAD, Bentley Microstation, MapInfo, etc). Although Bing Maps is a popular map service, it is not natively exposed as a WMS service. OnTerra WMS for Bing Maps is a service which makes all of the world wide high resolution coverage of Bing Maps available to WMS-enabled client software. More information on OGC WMS standards is available at the OGC web site

Computer-Aided Design

If you are using CAD packages like Autodesk 3D or Bentley Microstation for design and wish to include Bing data such as roads, terrain, etc., then OnTerra WMS for Bing Maps is for you. Enhance the value of your design product to your clients by including geo-spatial context to that design.

UAV manufacturers (or even non-aerial)

If you design remote-controlled vehicles for air or land, chances are you will provide some portable guidance station that will display mapping reference data so that the operator will know where the unmanned vehicle actually is. OnTerra WMS for Bing Maps is perfect for this role, and in fact is now a component part of at least one UAV software package included in many UAV products! (See our "Successes" tab)


Many government entities will have GIS databases to store geospatial in, however it is sometimes difficult for non-technical folks to extract and use the data. OnTerra WMS for Bing Maps makes it very easy to add map data to existing applications and maps.

Cloud Cap Technologies

Cloud Cap Technology (a Goodrich company) provides highly integrated software and hardware solutions for the emerging Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market. They chose in early 2010 to integrate our OnTerra WMS for Bing Maps service into their autopilot control software and their camera payload so that their customers would have easy and cost-effective access to BING maps data.

bright house Networks

The seventh largest cable operator in the U.S. bright house Networks maintains an extensive fiber optic network that is designed and managed using Bentley Microstation CAD software. To provide the surface detail as a backdrop to these designs, bright house turned to OnTerra WMS for Bing Maps for the data layer needed.


AgWorks specializes in the development and support of crop insurance processing systems such as web-based and standalone MPCI and crop hail systems used for quoting, policy administration, mapping, fund designation, billing, claims, compliance, commissions, and FCIC reconciliation. They've chosen OnTerra WMS for Bing Maps to support their web-based reporting and policy management tools.


Merrick, a firm that provides engineering, architecture, design-build, surveying, and geospatial technologies services and a leader in advanced mapping technologies, chose OnTerra to provide the web-mapping service needed for their industry leading LiDAR platform.

Affordable pricing

Pricing for OnTerra WMS for Bing Maps includes the license for Bing Maps data along with all hosting involved and any support needed, and is $60/user/year, minimum account activation requirements apply, volume discounts available

FREE 30-day TRIAL and/or Purchase

Try the OnTerra WMS for Bing Maps WMS FREE for 30 days, or else subscribe, by opening a new window with this Registration Link. (Please note that during this trial you will see an OnTerra watermark superimposed on the content that is served up, and is removed after a subscription is purchased) If you have any questions during the trial, please don't hesitate to drop us a note at wms@onterrasystems.com.