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For businesses & non-profits involved in deliveries, pick-ups, service calls, or sales calls, RouteSavvy is the best route planner for so many reasons. By generating more efficient routes, RouteSavvy saves time & money, and increases revenue. Plus, RouteSavvy’s mobile app includes handy delivery management functions + innovative, affordable GPS tracking using a driver’s smartphone.


The day you deploy RouteSavvy is the day you immediately start saving time & money!

How RouteSavvy Route Planning Software Works

RouteSavvy is cloud-based route optimization software that can be accessed with an internet connection. Here’s how it works:

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Input your stops for the day’s route

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Let RouteSavvy generate the most efficient route

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Export the route and driving directions for the fleet’s drivers

Here’s Why RouteSavvy Is The Best Route Planning Software for Small to Mid-sized Fleets

Reduces Miles Driven

Reduces Fleet Fuel Costs

Reduces Fleet Maintenance Costs

Reduces Overtime Labor Costs

Retains Your Drivers

Improves Driver Accountability


Increases Revenue

Improves Profitability

Provides Immediate ROI

Improves Customer Satisfaction

Reduces Emissions & Carbon Footprint

RouteSavvy Gets Rave Reviews!

“RouteSavvy Web Service/API is simple and easy to use, it integrates well with our software, and it just works”

Rob Delbueno Managing Partner, Southern Green Industries
Rob Delbueno

“RouteSavvy is perfect for our courier business. We create & upload a spreadsheet it, and RouteSavvy takes it from there!”

Barbara W. Courier Company Owner
Barbara W.

“We have been using RouteSavvy for 3 years and it’s worth every penny.”

Nasara P.  Supervisor - Logistics and Supply Chain Company
Nasara P.

“Between office time, fuel & labor, we’re saving between $100 – $150 per week, for our annual investment of $300.”

Angela Morgan Client Experience Coordinator Maier Tree & Lawn
Angela Morgan
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RouteSavvy Free Trial

Want to learn more about the best route planner for service calls, pick-ups, deliveries, and individual sales calls? Take RouteSavvy for a test drive.

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