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Looking for the best route optimization API to integrate into your software solution? OnTerra Systems offers 2 powerful Route Planning Application Software Interfaces: the RouteSavvy API & RouteSavvy API PLUS, introduced in 2023. Both APIs are built using the latest technologies & offer developers an affordable, efficient way to integrate route planning functionality into software applications & platforms that are being developed. RouteSavvy API is the traditional API in use by customers worldwide. RouteSavvy API PLUS is an advanced API offering multi-vehicle optimization & time windows optimization.

In May 2024, Microsoft announced that it’s retiring its Bing Maps Multi-Itinerary Optimization API as of June 2025. As a result, anyone using the Bing Maps MIO API will need an alternative. The RouteSavvy API PLUS offers a powerful, affordable alternative for developers incorporating route optimization into applications – and who also need advanced functionality like Multi-Vehicle Route Optimization & Time Windows.


The features & functions in the RouteSavvy API & RouteSavvy API PLUS make them the best route optimization API for developers.

In addition, RouteSavvy API PLUS is the high-powered, low-cost alternative to the Bing Maps Multi-Itinerary Optimization API, which is being retired in June 2025. Anyone using the Bing Maps MIO API will have to choose an alternative, and applications developed with the Bing Maps MIO API will no longer work after June 2025.


RouteSavvy Route Optimization API Highlights


The RouteSavvy Route Optimization API offerings start at just $50 a month.

Restful Code

RouteSavvy’s API is built with RESTFUL / JSON code.

Up to 1000 Stops

The RouteSavvy API = up to 500 stops per optimization. The RouteSavvy API PLUS = up to 1000 stops across up to 50 routes.

2 Routesavvy API Options

Choose the standard RouteSavvy API or the RouteSavvy API PLUS introduced in 2023.

Multiple Programming Languages

RouteSavvy’s APIs can be used in multiple programming languages.

Free Code Samples

OnTerra has done the heavy lifting for developers: Free code samples available!

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Automated Multi-Vehicle Routing

This function allows for the automated optimization of multiple routes involving multiple vehicles in one, single API request.

Time Windows

RouteSavvy API PLUS can optimize routes based on a window of time for arrival.

Built by Developers

The RouteSavvy API & RouteSavvy API PLUS have been built by developers, for developers.

RouteSavvy Route Optimization API Options: How To Choose The Right API For Your Needs

RouteSavvy APIRouteSavvy API PLUS
Optimization TypeHaversine Distance or RealRoadRealRoad with Time Windows & Multi-vehicle Routing
Max # of Stops Per Request5001000 stops / 50 Routes
Processing TimeSub-secondSeconds
Use CaseGeneral stop optimizationMulti-vehicle optimization & time windows
Base Cost / Month$50 / month$100 / month
Included Requests20,000 Routes
(50+ requests per day)
Depending on the number of stops & vehicles per route

Benefits of RouteSavvy Route Optimization APIs


RouteSavvy APIs start at just $50 a month.

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Easy to Use

RouteSavvy APIs are built with RESTFUL / JSON code, making them easy to use.

Streamlines Development Time

RouteSavvy APIs streamlines the time it takes to incorporate route optimization into an application that’s in development.

A Powerful, Affordable Route Optimization API Starting At Just $50 A Month

RouteSavvy API

$50 a month base price

RouteSavvy API PLUS

$100 a month base price

Check Out More Information About RouteSavvy APIs

RouteSavvy Route Optimization API Documentation: Code Samples

Access these free code samples in a variety of programming languages to save time & streamline the process to take your application to market.