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Aerial View Lahaina Hawaii | MapSavvy Web Map Service | OnTerra Systems USA

For business, government & research teams, the MapSavvy Web Map Service is one of the most affordable web mapping platforms on the market today. Images accessed through MapSavvy Web Map Service are OGC-compliant, and can be inserted into CAD documents, presentations, MS-Word documents, research documents, and more.


MapSavvy is one of the most affordable web map services on the market today and is available in 2 options: Bing Maps WMS or HERE Maps WMS.

MapSavvy Web Map Service Highlights


Bing Maps & HERE Maps Options

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Images Are OGC-Compliant

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Easy To Learn & Use

MapSavvy is ideal for:

GIS & CAD Applications

Research Teams

Government Use

Map Savvy = Multiple Imagery Options

MapSavvy-Bing Maps offers 5 options for web map imagery:

  • Original Bing Maps Imagery
  • Imagery With Ortho Aerial Imagery Layer
  • Imagery With Road Layer
  • Hybrid Of Original Bing Maps Imagery
  • New Layer

MapSavvy-HERE Maps offers 3 options for web map imagery:

  • Here Satellite
  • Here Hybrid
  • Here Terrain

Benefits Of MapSavvy

Affordable Source Of Aerial Imagery

Useful In Business, Government & Research

Allows For Visual Analysis of Patterns & Trends

Visually Enhances Written Documents & Presentations

Accesses Aerial Imagery Worldwide

High-Clarity Images Are Easier To Review

The MapSavvy Web Map Service costs just $500 a year for access to 20,000 Images.

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