OnTerra Systems Introduces New Version of RouteSavvy™ Route Planning Software

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DENVER, Colo., Jan. 20, 2015 – OnTerra Systems (www.OnTerraSystems.com), a technology leader in Web mapping, route optimization, and Bing maps licensing and services, today introduced a new version of RouteSavvy™. RouteSavvy is a powerful, easy-to-use, web-based route planning software designed for small and mid-sized business fleets and business professionals who drive to multiple destinations for their work. RouteSavvy also is an ideal alternative to Microsoft’s MapPoint and Streets & Trips, which were discontinued on Dec. 31, 2014. RouteSavvy is based on advanced optimization algorithms developed by OnTerra Systems, and based on Bing Maps’ Web mapping technology.

RouteSavvy can organize and optimize routes with hundreds of stops; provides two types of optimized routes (round-trip, or start-to-finish routes); and can optimize a route in seconds.

RouteSavvy is available now, and has been designed by web mapping & route optimization experts with a friendly interface that’s similar to MapPoint and Streets & Trips, thus minimizing the time needed to learn to use RouteSavvy by former MapPoint and Streets & Trips users.

RouteSavvy requires no programming skills, or hardware or software installation and maintenance.  Instead, as a web-based route planning tool, all that’s needed is a computer or tablet and an internet connection to start organizing and optimizing routes.

With RouteSavvy, ROI is immediate, i.e. money and time are saved the day RouteSavvy route planning & optimizing is deployed.

“RouteSavvy is an absolute necessity for businesses, organizations, and individual professionals that want to drop their operating costs, improve profitability, and enhance customer satisfaction,” said Steve Milroy, OnTerra Systems’ president and founder.  “For MapPoint and Streets & Trips users who want a route planning software tool to replace MapPoint or Streets & Trips without the pain of learning a new system, RouteSavvy provides the best of both worlds: a new software tool that’s available now, but looks, feels, and operates like MapPoint and Streets & Trips.”

Affordable Pricing Makes RouteSavvy Route Planning Software A “No Brainer” To Purchase

RouteSavvy from OnTerra Systems is an affordable, web-based, subscription-based route planning software that costs just $300 per year for up to three users.  Additional pricing tiers for a higher number of users incorporate volume discounts.  In addition, RouteSavvy is priced significantly less than many comparable route planning tools.

RouteSavvy Functions Streamline Route Planning & Optimization

RouteSavvy allows users to input multiple locations, organize locations, create efficient and optimized routes for deliveries, pick-ups, service, and sales calls, get directions, and then print or export the optimized route and directions for use by field personnel.

RouteSavvy has four key benefits:

1)  Improved productivity (Handle more calls per day)

2)  Time savings (Equates to reduced labor costs in general & reduced over-time labor costs)

3)  Reduced fuel costs (More efficient routing equates to less fuel used and cost savings on the amount of fuel used)

4)  Reduced environmental impact (Minimizes a company’s “carbon footprint”)

RouteSavvy Offers Familiar MapPoint and Streets & Trips Features & Functions

RouteSavvy is an ideal MapPoint and Streets & Trips alternative that’s available now, offers similar pricing, and has similar features and functions to MapPoint and Streets & Trips.  RouteSavvy has incorporated the most used, most popular route planning functions found in MapPoint and Streets & Trips, including:

  • Easy import of spreadsheets
  • Auto-save functions & project-based files let users work like they’re using a desktop application even though it’s a web-based system
  • Ability to easily plan routes and perform manual over-ride routes if business rules demand a different order
  • Ad hoc coloring and organization of location data (use of symbols, color-coding, and highlighting allow users to manipulate and highlight data to visualize information, business intelligence, and see patterns that would not be clear from a written description)

For more information, or to sign up for RouteSavvy, please visit: www.RouteSavvy.com.

About OnTerra Systems

Founded in 2005, OnTerra Systems is a company of technology experts, programming specialists, and project managers that provide Web Mapping services and products, route planning and optimization products, and Bing Maps integration products and licensing.  OnTerra Systems provides these products and services to businesses, non-profits, government, and research organizations that need routing and map-based visualizations of data.  OnTerra Systems has thousands of customers, and is a long-time Microsoft partner.  OnTerra can be reached at:  www.OnTerraSystems.com, or 720.836.7201.

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