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Bing Maps Licensing from OnTerra Systems

Bing Maps provides easy to use, low cost access to vast amounts of rich content and information ranging from global high resolution aerial imagery and maps, address geocoding and driving directions.

OnTerra Systems, an authorized Bing Maps Reseller, provides commercial licensing based on the “known-user” licensing model.  Each individual person using Bing Maps within the annual licensing period, regardless of how they access Bing Maps (in desktop software, through a networked distribution model, a custom internal application, etc…), should be properly licensed. 

We have a commercial account minimum annual licensing requirement of $500 USD covering up to 5 users, above that the price is $100/user/year.  Volume discounts are available.

There are three primary ways to access Bing Maps:

Web Map Service (WMS)

Visit www.MapSavvy.com for more information on accessing Bing Maps using a WMS.

Software (GIS, CAD) Keys

Certain software packages like ESRI have the ability to load a Bing Maps API key natively into specific prompts.  The ultimate function is quite similar to that of WMS, but the mechanism of loading and streaming the maps is different. 

(Any software that can utilize a Bing key can also consume Bing as a standard WMS, as described above.  Depending on your internal software and network settings, the function of both the key and WMS can vary, and you may see better performance with one of the other.)

OnTerra provisions all software-specific Bing keys from our own master Bing Maps account.  You will receive your own key for use within your organization, as illustrated below.



Enterprise Key / GIS Usage / 20 Users

Created Date: MM/DD/2014      Expiration Date: MM/DD/2015


To contact us regarding software keys, including a free trial, please fill out our Software Keys order form

Developer’s API Keys

If you are developing your own custom software applications, the native Bing APIs are licensed similarly to the WMS or software keys.

If you have already generated your own Bing Maps account and are already testing trial or basic keys, we can provide licensing by converting your account to enterprise status, or we can simply provide you with API keys partitioned from our master account.  

To contact us regarding developer keys, please fill out our Developer Keys order form